About Gillian Drummond

Decorating Philosophy ~
My philosophy on interior design and decorating is that your home is not only about your physical comfort and well being but also about your emotional and spiritual well being. A beautiful, comfortable, well decorated home is the base that supports us as we go through life. I am your expert guide in creating your beautifully designed haven and in helping you create a joyful home.

My Design Mission
My desire is to create a uniquely personal environment in which you, my client, can enjoy your life. The most important element in the creative process is the mutual trust and communication between you, as client, and me, as designer – this is the element that creates the magic.

A Nomadic Childhood
Growing up I moved nine times before I graduated from high school, starting in Sussex, England going on to South Africa, Connecticut and Ohio, and finally Switzerland. This taught me three things; that change is always positive, there are wonderful people everywhere and you can always create a home.

Creating a Home
In all the places we lived my mother always created a home using the beautiful furniture and accessories that she and my father inherited or collected in their travels. So rather than a house or a place representing home all these precious things made a warm, comfortable, loving home no matter where we were. Now that my parents are gone I still live with a treasure many of these wonderful things.

When I was in Switzerland going to the University of Geneva a wonderful older woman who was an artist became my mentor. When I was agonizing on what to do when I grew up she laughed and said “my dear, you are a decorator! Look at the courses you are taking and on trips you love to visit old houses and museums with furniture and textiles. When I buy new things for my home you know exactly where to put them. You have made my life so much more comfortable.” She was right; I immediately enrolled myself at The New York School of Interior Design for the following year.

Lessons in Decorating and Interior Design
I was taught to read when I was four and books have always been the mainstay of my life. I learn so much from them – travel the world with them – dream my dreams through them – escape in them and fire my imagination with them. It was through books that I first learned about architecture and design, also about lifestyle and how different people in different ages and different cultures live their lives. It was books that first trained my eye to see that classical architecture brought something very special to the world. Proportion lifts the spirit and calms the soul. Books first taught me that no matter in which century or what country that what man wanted in a home be it ever so humble, or ever so grand is beauty and comfort and peace of mind. They may look very different but the essence is the same.

Travel Informs My Designs
My travels in Europe and especially England and Ireland gave me my understanding of the importance of continuity in our lives, the feeling of belonging – to a family, a culture or to mankind. Living with things that have been passed down through our families makes us feel that we are not alone that we come from somewhere and are going somewhere.

Beside my English background this is where I first found my fascination and love for the English country house style. Through the Institute of Classical Architecture/Classical America I have studied architecture and design in England extensively. It is not the grandness of most of the houses that draws me – many are great ugly piles of stone – it is the comfort and style which they provided for the families that inhabited them for generations. This has influenced my work tremendously.

Legendary Mentors in Interior Design
The other influence in my work is that I was lucky enough to work with some of the great decorators of the 20th century, among others Mario Buatta and Mark Hampton while I was at McMillen. When I went out into the design world after design school we were expected to apprentice as assistants to experienced designers. I learned more this way than I ever learned at school. It was learning in practice not theory.

Four Legged Inspirations
Animals are part of many of our lives and are one of the components of English country style.

To the English animals are an integral part of their lives. Their dogs are always allowed on the furniture or have a very special bed in front of the fireplace. Horses and fox hunting and racing are national sports. So the design of their houses has to incorporate this passion.

Personally, my passion for cats came from a trip I took as a child. When we moved from South Africa to England we flew to Rome with a lion cub on the plane which was being taken to the Rome zoo. In those days animals were not caged and put below. I was about 8 years old and spent the whole trip with the lion cub sharing my seat. I was hooked for life. I now live with a black cat, Marco, he keeps me amused at all times and is always full of fun and love.