Dining Room: Mather

Decadent Dining for Two or Twelve ~

A sophisticated room that is wonderful to sit in at night over a long leisurely dinner for a woman who entertains often.

This lush dining room has delicious pomegranate red lacquered walls inspired by the antique Persian rug. The heirloom blue and white pieces are showcased in the bookcase and the mahogany dining table is always ready for a festive occasion.

About the Client:

Single career woman who loves old houses and the ambiance of English country house style.

About the Project:

The house was built in 1850 and needed renovations as it had not been taken care of for years. Together we re-thought the house and how she would live in it. The original house had a tavern on the ground floor, now it was just a dark, empty space, we turned it into a lovely office. We also moved the kitchen into the breakfast room and made space for a wonderful dining room as her favorite way of entertaining is having 6 or 8 people for dinner.

We created a sun room from a screened porch which then became a year round place to enjoy and also to put plants in the winter. The end result is a house that really works for my client, it is bright and sunny with beautiful fabrics and Oriental rugs in the English manner. She enjoys sharing it with friends for week-end parties.

About Gillian Drummond

My desire is to create a timeless and uniquely personal environment in which my clients can enjoy their lives. The most important element in the creative process is the mutual trust and communication between designer and client.


  1. Pamela Albinson says:

    Dearest Gillian,k
    How wonderful to find you on the Google website. Your design creations continue to flow and inspire.

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