Foyer: Wilson

Veronica believes that color is healing and for her this beautiful shade of aqua is the most healing and soothing for her. This is the hall leading to her sitting room/office. We kept it as simple as possible with silk balloon shades in the same shade of aqua. The upholstered bench and the painted chair are both in spring green. This is the perfect prelude to her inner sanctum.

About the Client

They are an English couple with an adorable cottage on a lake. He is a rugged outdoorsman and she is an astrologer of some repute.

About the Project:

We have created a very English home for them with some things they already had and finding antiques where they needed furniture. Pretty color was the one thing that she insisted on having and beautiful silk balloon shades on the windows. It is a very feminine cottage – but he just loves it.


“I can always rely on Gillian to my bring room or my whole house to a perfectly coordinated living space, adding color, comfort and exquisite taste. She is a pleasure to work with.”
~ Anne Wilson

About Gillian Drummond

My desire is to create a timeless and uniquely personal environment in which my clients can enjoy their lives. The most important element in the creative process is the mutual trust and communication between designer and client.

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