Living Rm: Christophers

Rose Tones Beckon for Formal Entertaining ~

A rich rose velvet dresses the sofa and a seascape draws your gaze above it. Like a lot of families today this living room is used for entertaining and family holidays.

It is a sunny and bright, formal room that is still comfortable and serves its purpose well. My client’s love of flowers is evident here and was why we chose the chintz for the window treatments and wing chairs.

About the Client:

This charming couple have been clients for 18 years. I started working for him in his bachelor quarters. Shortly afterwards he became engaged and I met his wife to be and, luckily, we saw eye to eye immediately. We have decorated three houses together.

About the Project:

They clients live in a beautiful brick Georgian that was built in the 1930’s. It is a beautifully planned house and a dream to make into a beautiful home for them and their two teenage boys. Mrs. Christophers has always loved blue and white so we have incorporated it in her favorite rooms. We also rebuilt and decorated their beach house together. We kept all the charm of the original beach house that had been in the family for generations but made it easy to keep up and very comfortable.


“Gillian recognizes our taste and style and all the many different elements together to create a lovely, quietly elegant home . She enjoys incorporating all our loved items into a fresh new design. She is a wonderful person to work with and has become a dear family friend. After all, we have worked together for 18 years and three houses!”
~ Marianne Christophers

About Gillian Drummond

My desire is to create a timeless and uniquely personal environment in which my clients can enjoy their lives. The most important element in the creative process is the mutual trust and communication between designer and client.

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